Spinit Casino for Mobile and PC Gambling

Spinit Casino was created to bring gamblers in Canada and all over the world as much joy as possible. What is good about this online gambling facility is that it possesses a wide variety of unique features that can boost gambling experience to the highest level. You can look through the online gambling websites – there are thousands of them, however, not much of those can claim to be such an entertaining place for those who want to make bets and stakes to try one’s luck.

This online casino is both a great choice for the dedicated gamblers and those who doesn’t really have an experience of gambling in 2021. If you are a veteran of casino gaming than you will find here a wider choice of free games from the best manufacturers and attracting promotions that can be used to increase your winnings and provide you with a better service.

In case you a regular guy who has just decide to try out gambling you are going to find here a good place to start with all those sorts of games and a responsive online support service which is ready to help you out no matter what kind of question you have. However, there are small chances you are going to deal with that online support as the online casino interface is very intuitive and user-friendly both on mobile devices and PCs.

You also may be someone who has only played in land facilities previously and thus you may treat places like Spin It Casino as something not prestigious and serious enough to try those out. Well, at some point you may be right, but this approach will disappear at the moment you enter the online casino and feel the atmosphere and gambling experience to you. Really there is no such a landing facility which has more than 1’300 free games from the best manufacturers with different rules and for various audience. Anyway, no matter who you are if you are seeking for the best online casino for you just check this review we have prepared for you to make a wise choice.

Signup Process

There has been nothing easier in the life than getting signed up to the spinit.com online casino. On this website all you need to do to get signed up is to press the Sign up button and fill a few fields. Afterwards you are promptly redirected to the lobby where you can either play games for free, make a deposit in a cashier zone and get right to gambling after you choose the game you like in the category section.

When talking about the sign up process you can always contact the support team if you have any question to get a rapid and qualitative help. Registration process is mandatory if you want to play on real money here, however, due to the fact it only takes a few minutes it won’t be a problem for you or anyone else to create an account – even you are not an advanced PC user.

What’s good about registration, you immediately get a nice surprise – an opportunity to claim additional funds on your account to get a greater gambling experience. This point is going to be disclosed in deatiles in the next sections.


Spinit Casino is definitely worth to be visited due to the large amount of different special offers the spinit.com website offers to the players. The parade of free spins, bonuses and other perks starts from the moment you get signed up to the website. Thus, after creating an account you can get benefits from being a Spin It online casino club members.

The first bonus you are going to get after the registration is Welcome Offer which is not mandatory to be requested, however, it is really hard to get over it if you want to get the most from your gambling process. We are going to describe Welcome Offer for 2021 features in the section below.

Welcome Offer

The first deposit bonus by the Spin It Casino can be claimed by any player who has created an account on the www.spinit.com.

Afterwards you need to enter the cashier zone and claim the deposit bonus which is going to make max $200 on your balance. That’s how it works – you make a deposit of $200 and get $200 on your bonus account which you can use to make bets and play for real money in the online casino Spinit. For the next deposits you get a bonus of 50% for second and 25% for third and fourth deposits. The overall sum of the bonus funds on your account claimed through the Welcome Offer promotion cannot exceed $1000.

There is an another outstanding features about the Welcome Offer we did not mention yet – free spins. Free spins are used when you play online slots and thus you can use those for free without making any bets and still win the real money. You get the total of 200 spins to gamble with, however, not all of those you get at once. After claiming the first deposit bonus code you get 20 spins on your account immediately and then you get twenty spins each day until you collect 200 of them. This can be claimed a good one or a bad one. From the one side it could be better to get all of the spins at once, for the other having 20 spare spins each day can be a good way to prolong the joy of free gambling.

Concerning the deposit bonus there is one thing all you need to know. Usually, dedicated gamblers know this about bonus codes, and the newbies get confused which is the reason why the issue has to be clarified. Once you get bonus funds on your account you cannot just withdraw it – that would be rather silly by the casinos to let people do like that. Thus, in order to let you play on real money with additional funds and withdraw the winning you need to pass the wager coefficient which makes 40 for the Spin It casino.

What does that mean? That means that if you got additional amount of funds that makes 10$ using your bonus code you need to make bets for more than $400 to be able to withdraw funds from your account. this may seem strange for you as a gambler, however, you should know that this is completely normal practice for promo codes and if you play games like online roulette, blackjack or slots, you always win or lose and it is very easy to exceed the wager limits and claim your deposit bonus.

You may have a question – are there no deposit bonuses in the www.spinit.com online casino? The answer is no – the online gambling facility administration has made a great majority of other bonuses and special offers instead.

Although no deposit bonuses are treated by some gamblers as the huge competitive advantages, they really do not give much to a player as usually they make a couple of bucks and considering the fact there is always a high wager and you need to make many bets to win no deposit bonuses are usually useless. Most often it is often better when the online casino provides bonus codes with various benefits.

Special Offers

Along with outstanding Welcome Offer, the players in the Spin It casino can also claim for other promotions. For example, those who play in a live casino can get a 100% bonus funds for the amount that doesn’t exceed 100$. That means that you can make even more bets in the live casino bets for free.

Moreover, every Friday you can claim 50% bonus at maximum of $100 and also 20 free spins on your account just for making the deposit and claiming the bonus in the cashier zone.

There are also bonuses that take place each Tuesday and Monday where you can get additional free spins and reload your bonus without any special terms.

Most of the special offers are gave out not on the regular basis – they always get modified and updated to provide gamblers with the better gambling experience.

Spinit Casino VIP Zone

The Spin It online casino VIP Zone is a loyalty programme launched by the website to grant the most loyal players with the benefits that are not available to the rest of the players. The ways you can enter the VIP zone vary from time to time and in order to get an invitation make sure that you activate promo codes granted and check your inbox for additional offers made by the online casino.

The members of casino VIP zone get prioritized support service and majority of other perks. For example, you can get personalized cashback offer which means you can return the part of funds you have spent in the casino. You also get special weekend bonuses that are much better than those that could be claimed by other players. At last, you can claim VIP bonuses on special occasions.

Play for Free in Spinit Casino

In case you want to try out the online casino Spinit free games before making a first deposit or if you want to try out the game before playing on real money when you already have account there is an option for you to play for free.

Gambling in a demo mode is a good way to define whether you want to play the offered game and make bets with real money. There more than 1300 games presented in the Spin It Casino category section, so having such a wide choice you definitely would like to choose the best games.

Once you try the game and various strategies on the www.spinit.com website you can make a deposit with real money and enjoy gambling and winning.

More than 1’300 Games

This is the real number of games you can play in the Spinit casino, and the number grows constantly on the daily basis. Here you can find the games from the top manufacturers divided by categories and below we are going to provide you with a list describing each category:

  • Jackpot – here you can find progressive slots that accumulate jackpots – make sure you try out these slot machines as here you can make the biggest winnings;
  • Live Casino – online casino with live dealers where you can play against other real players. Here you can feel like in a real casino somewhere in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, and this is a good way to check the true gambling spirit.
  • Online Roulette – here you can play different types of roulettes with various rules. Mainly the games have some differences in rules, winning combinations and number of cells.
  • Online Blackjack – the most classic game ever – provided in different realizations these games can bring hours of exhausting but joyful gambling experience.
  • Online Slots – play the most popular gambling machines here and wait for the moment when you get a line that brings you a victory and huge amount of cash.
  • Other games – there are also many other uncategorized games in the online casino Spinit like Bingo and other.

Most of the online casinos do not have such a great choice of games as those are usually concentrated on providing games from 2 or 3 manufacturers, while when it comes to the Spinit you can choose from the games produced by 12 and more game developers.

The casino administration brings all efforts to present only the best and the most interesting games to provide gamblers with the best gambling experience ever.

Unique Features of the Spinit

Most of the casinos look them same way, they have almost similar games, user interface, attitude and promotions. However, the Spinit casino differs a lot from the other ones with the unique atmosphere that is granted by the outstanding responsive design, amount of game available for gambling and attitude to the players.

As we already have mentioned the casino has its own unique loyalty program which is characterized by the great benefits players gain in case they participate. On the other hand, most of the online casinos do not have any loyalty programs at all and only provide users with the poor choice of the special and weekly offers.

Here you also can find live casino games which is also a rare features as the majority of online gambling facilities do not provide users with such an option. It is really much better when you have an opportunity to play with other real players and live dealers.

At last, most of the online casino do not have mobile apps for their players while Spinit provides you with one for any device. On the other hand, there is no desktop software which you can download on your PC here. Though, concerning the fact casino website is stable and optimized you might never need one.

Responsible Gambling Policy

Spin It casino is really concerned about providing gamblers with an opportunity to play responsible, thus you can set up a limits for you that are going to be monitored and insured by the casino online support. If you feel that you often are up to forget about everything while gambling and can lose too much due to this fact, there is always an option for you to set daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits. You also can ask the online support to turn off your account for some period or you can easily get your account deleted and withdraw your funds anytime you want.

Fair Play

The Spinit casino was licensed by the UK Gambling Commision. Unlike the majority of all other casinos this one did not choose an offshore zone with soft regulations, so here you can be 100% sure about the fact you are treated fair and there won’t be any attempts to impact match outcomes when you play.

There are always ways to check whether the online casino provides fair gambling services and due to the fact the Spinit is about clarity and transparency, this is a reliable place to play on real money.

Mobile Gambling App

Most of the online gamblers in the recent years requested from online casinos to create the mobile versions so that they could use mobile devices to play their favorite games. Most of the casinos have made a step forward and optimized their services for mobile devices, so it is almost as comfortable to play casino games on your mobile phones as using the desktop PC.

Here is where the Spinit casino has made even more in 2021 – there was developed an app casino which you can download from the store and use to play games presented in the gambling facility.

No matter which kind of device you use – whether it is a smartphone or tablet, all you need is a stable Internet connection and an app to play anywhere you want whenever you want. The installation of app takes a few seconds and afterwards all you need to do is to use your login data and start playing.

The user interface of the mobile version is almost the same as the PC version so you won’t have any problems with navigation or features.

Online Support

There are several ways for you to contact the online support of the casino – first of all you can make a call to the international number or if you do not want to make calls, there is an option to write an email on the corporate inbox.
Reliable support service is extremely important for the good online casino as the gamblers always can have some questions that need to be answered immediately, so here you can be calm about getting help in case you have any issues.

In case you have issues with the login you do not need to contact support – all you need is to fill the form to restore your password and it takes only several minutes from you to deal with this task.

Privacy and Security for Gamblers

The Spin It online casino administration has made it all to provide gamblers with a safe and secure zone where the privacy is guaranteed. First of all, one has to know that any kind of the private information like your gambling activity, financial information are protected by the online casino and cannot be transferred to third parties at any circumstances.

Thus, you get a full protection of your personal information and can play without any doubts. Concerning the technical aspects of security – there haven’t been any hacks or leaks from the online casino since the moment it was created.

Actually, the UK regulations are rather strict when it comes to making it clear for the casinos on how to treat user’s private data so no matter there are no reasons to be concerned about the safety of your credit card number or any other sensitive information.

To Sum Up

So what can be said in conclusion? The Spin It online casino is definitely worth considering due to the number of reasons. First of all, it has to be underlined that there are not so many online casinos in Canada and all over the world that can provide users with an opportunity to play more than 1’300 games on one website.

Secondly, the promotions of the online casino are really attractive. Those are good for the novice players with all those bonus funds and free spins one gets for free and the weekly special offers are out of the competition.

It also has to be mentioned the loyalty program casino runs – if you participate in various events and use promo codes sent to your email you can get much more benefits from the online casino gambling than other players.

Most of the online casinos are not really concerned about the gamblers with mobile devices and all they do is just optimize the website for mobile device. The Spin It provide you with a mobile app that can be launched on a smartphone or tablet which means you can take a casino with you wherever you go.

To conclude, this online casino should be tried out by any gambler, no matter whether he is a newbie or an advanced one, as here you can play any games and feel the true casino spirit.